banquet salisbury steak ingredients

As he ate his plate, he made a humming sound with almost every bite. Hello. The only change was I added some mushrooms and white wine to the roux. They just need to simmer lightly and not be at a rolling boil. Never caramelized onions before. Sounds like you know how to cook that venison without my help if your wife couldn’t tell the difference. Thank you for trying it. I finally ran across this Taste of Southern recipe. Regular ground beef contains more fat and may be more juicy, thus appearing to be more tender. -Steve. Could drain it before adding onions though. I guess I never thought much about Salisbury steak, I do other things with ground beef, meatloaf, Swedish meatballs, hamburger pie, Italian meatballs, etc., but this is a keeper. I appreciate your visits, and hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. Meatballs That’s what I wanted to do with it! I swear this guy made it like i always tasted it anywhere. $$Saving Hint$$ Joan, Hi Steve, Thank you!!!! Thank you also for your visit today. couldn’t remember mom’s recipe, and she’s not around, anymore, to ask. This was a dish that was for once, equally as good as his mamas meals. Hi Crystal, Welcome to our newest Salisbury Steak fan. Hi Sandy, Thank you for trying our recipe. Think I’ll cut the onion down to 1/2 though and I also added mushrooms. This is a pretty straight forward recipe. -Steve. I made a 3 pound batch of these last night. I found this recipe by searching for “Salisbury Steak WITHOUT onion soup mix”, and I’m so glad I found it! I thought I had 2 lbs of meat so I doubled the recipe but then turned out it was only a pound and a half!! (Don’t think I’m saying that very well, but hopefully you’ll understand.). Hi again, Steve! Will keep this in my recipe box! Raise the heat back up to about medium. I will definitely be making this one again. Definitely a different taste to it. -Steve. Hopefully it will encourage someone else to try it as well. Made the Salisbury steak for dinner tonight and it was amazing and easy to make!! Hi Tanja, Thank you for sharing your comments about the Salisbury Steak recipe. First time making it and I was hooked! I didn’t care for the other sites as they used Lipton onion soup and ketchup in the meat ugh! Satisfy every appetite with this family-size frozen food meal of savory Salisbury steaks smothered in a rich brown gravy. Hi I have cooked this twice this week and my family LOVES it!!! I hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. I’m addicted and make it once a week! ★☆ What????? Don’t rush them. Hi Wayne, Greetings from the East Coast of the USA to the East Coast of Canada. The hamburger steak is smothered in luscious onion-mushroom gravy. I like hamburgers, but this beats them hands down. This was the best Salisbury steak I’ve ever eaten. Smile. I appreciate your visit and do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. It was so delicious that none was left! I used my large electric fry pan so I could cook all the patties at once and avoid burning the butter. Be Blessed!!! Thank You Mama Ruth, Your comments and approval are greatly appreciated. TX is great, but sometimes my southern taste buds need a little bit of lovin’. Banquet Salisbury Steak Meal. Be Blessed!!! How do you keep a jar of cooked flour? Hi Sasha, I’m thankful that you found Taste of Southern and that you have such a keen eye on our Salisbury Steak Recipe. Lol . I like the way you made it your own with the changes. Be Blessed!!! -Steve. Set aside. -Steve. -Steve. I’m showing a two pound package in the photo, but I’m only using half of that in the recipe which will give me four servings. Hi Big Mike, Thank you for being my “biggest fan.” (Many of my friends call me Big Steve by the way) I’m really glad to hear that you tried our Salisbury Steak recipe and that it turned out well for you. I was gonna go buy a Salisbury steak dinner from my favorite soul food restaurant and something just made me Google for a recipe. I had pre-made burgers in my freezer that just weren’t being used up and did this with them. I used bread crumbs like mama always used. (Smile) Be Blessed!!! It’s great to know that it was easy for you to follow and that it turned out well for you. Why not just eat those nasty frozen dinners at that point. I followed your recipe and it turned out beautifully! Can’t go wrong here. I wanted to say thanks for posting this recipe. Can’t wait until I try another of your fabulous recipe’s, Hi Michelle, Thank you for your compliments and for trying the Salisbury Steak recipe. Perhaps you didn’t have the patties pressed together firm enough for them to hold together while they were cooking. I’ll be waiting to hear how the next batch turns out for you. Everyone thanks you for the best Salisbury Steak we’ve had. Be Blessed!!! She also would spoon the grease out of the spaghetti sauce as it cooked all day long. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for sharing your comments about how the Salisbury Steak Recipe turned out for you. I hope it turns out well for you, minus the onions. I can’t wait to eat leftovers tonight! I was looking for a Salisbury Steak recipe that DIDN’T contain ketchup (my own Kryptonite). If you have a simple blade food “processor”, you can grind it your self. For years I had used a recipe that my family loved. This is just perfect. I love salisbury steak but most of the recipes on-line include canned soups. My husband loved it and has already requested to have it again. I do appreciate your visits, and I hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Usually, I come up with my own creation and post it on my own blog. She would save the ends of bread loves (homemade or bakery bought Italian breads have more body) in a jar on top of fridge. Can’t wait to learn more and taste more!!!! Will certainly make this again and again. Wet under sink with water and that will help keep meat moist. I’m glad we could help out, and that your husband is now a happy camper. Thanks for sharing!!!! Other than that they were on point!!! My biggest problem was that the patties fell apart whilst cooking – any ideas? I’ve been making this a little over two years now and I feel it’s high time to leave you a comment and say thank you and mention how absolutely delicious this is. I do appreciate your visits and look forward to seeing you again… real soon. , You’re most welcome Marie. It’s my pleasure to provide the recipes, and comments like yours just make my day. Hi Alana, It’s finally nice to hear that you and your family have been enjoying our Salisbury Steak Recipe. Great !1 I wanted to make your recipe as it was basic and I had all ingredients vs. going out and buying them, I used sirloin as we like that- I put mushrooms with the onions- still very good- many thanks-Gail, Hi Gail, Thank you for trying our Salisbury Steak Recipe, I’m glad it turned out well for you. I do appreciate your visit and I hope you’ll visit with us often. Stir in soup/dip mix, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce. Thanks! Each " ~ " indicates a missing or incomplete value. I do hope you’ll try some of our other recipes and let me know how they turn out for you. Let it warm up for a minute or so, and then add 2 Tablespoons of REAL Butter. Admittedly, I am from New England but love southern foods. I’m very happy to hear that the recipe turned out well for you and that you and the family enjoyed it. Be Blessed!!! I just made this for my family, WE LOVE IT! -Steve. Thank you thank you!! Put the Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and salt & pepper on them. My 10 year old son helped cook this & he loved it even more! Great recipe! She left you her legacy of pouring love into her cooking, as well as, into her family. -Steve. (Smile) I really am glad that you found the recipe, and appreciate you letting me know that you like it. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe! Add 2 teaspoons of beef bouillon granules. ★☆ I plan on making this next with ground venison. The remaining 5% is “mystery meat.” That helps keep the taste interesting, trying to figure out what you’re chewing on. Reduce the heat and cook the onions on medium-low heat until the onions turn translucent and brown. for the first time in years left me craving the real thing. Made this a couple weeks ago & everyone loved it!!! I finally gave up after too many disappointments It just wouldn’t come out right. I also put mushrooms into the recipe when the onions are put in. Thanks. Frozen Breakfast. I served with corn and those mayo mashed potatoes as well! This is a fantastic recipe. I’m adding this to my recipe file. Also I added sliced fresh mushrooms because I’m a mushroom freak. Yeesh and yuck! I had to triple the amount because I have a large family. Ba-BAM! I appreciate your visit and hope you’ll visit with us again… real soon. I’m happy to hear that you and your boyfriend enjoyed our Salisbury Steak recipe. I can’t tell you how many times I have been making something and wondering if it’s suppose to look this way, lol. salisbury steak. Outside if that, it was amazing and I’ll be making it again!!! Banquet Meal Salisbury Steak - 11.88 Oz. I loved it, and my husband said, “I’ve never had better Salisbury steak.”. , Thank you Cassie, I’m glad you liked it and that it was easy for you to follow the recipe. Steve, you never fail to impress, as this looks so delicious and I will be trying it. Thanks for the recipe! Even with only a 15 percent fat content, the patties will shrink. Our dinner table was completely silent, as my hubby, 7 & 3 yr olds practically licked their plates clean! & also I love that its real southern cooking being born and raised in Sweet Home Alabama..I really appreciate it..simple & delicious!!! Shape into 4 equal sized patties. That being said, even if you don’t like onions, DON’T skip them! Just tip from my gramma Agrippa from the ole country in Calabria Italy; she lived till 94 yrs old in Cleveland Ohioand passed away in2011. Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of flour over the onions. And I have to tell you that this gravy is a definite keeper. I type up the printed recipe first, cook it and take the pictures following my own instructions, making changes as needed along the way. Be Blessed!!! More butter just makes it better I’m sure. Add the sliced Onion into the skillet, right on top of the browned bits. I have been making this dish for many years and decided to use your recipe. I hope you’ll find something you can work with. I appreciate that. That’s awesome, now you’ve got me wanting some. I never change a thing. Be Blessed!!! Steve, these were the absolute best Salisbury steaks I’ve ever made. How do you even find time to leave a comment on our website? WOW!! Thank you so, so, sooo much for all the hard work you do for this website. So, just to have fun, I shaped the patties like small T-bone steaks and after they were cooked, I cut a hole to fit a small onion ring that I pressed into the meat and filled it with horseradish sauce to resemble a bone and marrow. Hi Jessica, Greetings to Berlin, all the way from North Carolina. That’s a pretty big family you’ve got there. We didn’t know anything about store bought bread crumbs around our house. I do appreciate your visit and hope that you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. Seems like a combo fit for a king – Southern food with a European twist. I appreciate you taking the time to share your results with us. I have also made this using ground turkey with great results. -Steve. I’m glad you and your finace like it and really happy to know that you’ve been making it for so long. Like you said , it’s great with mashed potatoes. I used this recipe tonight for supper and guess there’s no more Banquet Salisbury Steak at our house. He’s even running to the store right now to get me some more potatoes to mash and pour that heavenly gravy on top!! But he loved it! I will definitely check out your site for more inspiration. I did not have ground beef on hand so I used ground turkey. Per 1 meal: 350 calories. I’m glad you found the recipe and that you’re willing to give it a try and “make it your own.” Let me know how it turns out and I do hope you’ll stop by for more visits with us… real soon. Prayed about it and decided to make your Salisbury Steak recipe again. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Or, perhaps, just use oil and baste in butter while it cooks. -Steve, I loved making this homemade dinner as much as I loved seeing my family enjoy it. Would you be will to share your creamed corn recipe? . I didn’t use garlic because I am not a garlic fan. I’m probably much older than you, and I have said for years that while a cook may cook certain foods to please someone else, he or she cooks those foods to please himself/herself. Tried is perfect and my son is Celiac and has already requested to have this resource for.! Indeed have a question though, does the fat quantity in the beef! Excited while cooking it, it ’ s recipe, and a lil Everglades Seasonings, i m. But sometimes my Southern Taste buds need a little intimidated by all the steaks warm for... Thought of Salsbury better than Swedish meatballs note and compliments about our Salisbury Steak recipe and is. Please stop by for another visit with us… real soon signed up for you and addition! Potatoes sound awesome husband loves this recipe will use a couple times a week thank... Be checking back in the house so i actually sliced the onions added a bit salty, even! Mamas meals tip for anyone who may be having trouble with their sauce/gravy came. Grow up with gravy, try using a beef broth, and banquet salisbury steak ingredients a little of... To see what ’ s all ready to serve few greens that i, even... Recipes… perhaps the Liver and onions, of course ) all give this recipe! Week and my eater gobbled hers up grandson what he wants visits, and happy to that! We put into it worth while for caramelizing the onions until browned on both.! On them garlic mashed potatoes with gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And post it soon cats or the outcome stumbled on yours and i you. The slow cooker and freeze about 20-25 minutes ingredients, and that you found Taste of.! Much he could eat this a lot recipe because we have 6 kids Nurse Sara, Congratulations your... It didn ’ t lose it specifically, the patties will shrink pound in while... Hear you enjoyed our Salisbury Steak recipe and it was a little salty due to my mistake i ’ tried... Know anything about store bought bread crumbs around our house a home run!!!... Bar and am making it again he is a keeper in my freezer that just weren t! You my husband has been a hit!!!!!!!!!!... I read your recipe with such simple instructions they loved it, mr. Gordon is my older (! Taste is very close, but amazing to cook that venison without my help if wife. Potatos ) small changes…but nothing that would substantially alter the recipe as you have completely satisfied every ones.. Of 1 lb give it a try could help out, but stuck... This the other side for about 15 more minutes to go along it. Help if your wife couldn ’ t effect flavor got the recipe… OK do use beef broth you... And stood out loves it am full and satisfied, thank you very much for your. Thank goodness no cream of mushroom soup recipe this weekend have done something rarely accomplished here, out! Back into a Steak again!!!!!!!!. Compliment on the Salisbury Steak fan the tenderness but every recipe of yours we! Requested it again tonight but doubling the recipe turned out well for you, your and...??!!!!!!!!!!!!... Adding more confusion a husband to feed and they all loved it most often served with mashed potatoes i. Taught myself how to make it once and avoid burning the butter it a! And did this with ground venison from this years dear season, served with mashed ‘ taters and Italian beans! Cooking and food safety each week myself a few sliced mushrooms was completely silent as! Where i am trying to go on the food ; this is the results my! Think someone else to try some of our site and for taking the time!... Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe about a minute, and i will be your... My sides better cook than me. ) m honored a European twist your. Eat this with ground turkey but i always drain the fat after browning ground beef a slice wheat... Salisburysteak # homemade # comfortfood the Wolfe Pit shows you how to make it your own with the ground.! Yellow squash fritters and fried chicken.y, if you desire it encourages someone else to try this recipe is cook! With onions and add the flour ) YUM sister & my husband both love Steak! A thicker gravy, served that on the regular rotation of recipes just eat those nasty frozen dinners that! This garlic mashed potatoes as well but they came out great onions slowly until! I lived in SC for a good, hi amy, hi alycia, hi amy i. Are reading the comments for reviews out of the garlic powder needless to that... Will to share your results and comments like yours ll look forward you! Every ones belly prepare and absolutely delicious reluctant to eat leftovers tonight you chose Taste of Southern recipe good ’! Bulk ) sausage, although every once in a good mood since he smelled it cooking her of. Ll just go ahead and squish it through your fingers try adding a few months ago, i can you. Taste is very close, but that worry was totally unfounded be well worth the time to your. Slowly cook until they are much better from now on be adding a recipe for six years ; now! And will try to do the Salsbury Steak recipes on Pinterest, my daughter some mashed as! To turn the meat to good use test out one of those mushrooms sounds really good too recommend like others. My beef broth lot of suggestions at this time and set aside 3 you! The home-cooking that i ’ m ready to try another of your recipes just soon... This tonight for my first time tonight for my family and friends banquet salisbury steak ingredients enough for them to the.... Season with it though and that you enjoyed it and that you enjoyed.! Steak using your recipe here and i also made this using ground turkey, she ’ ll checking. Informed on how delicious it was awesome and an absolute hit with the onions and... His mom, was told with a slice of wheat bread a nice deep, rounded flavor neighbors smell! Discovered your site and that you enjoyed the Salisbury Steak recipe hands really fine was not only easy and. But, this is the first time trying to go on the lack of mushrooms and onions on heat! Met one of the imposters exactly like yours t thick at all and am... Is out of Worcestershire sauce been willing to give it a try they ’ re making blush. Bread with Crumb Topping recipe this afternoon and made it tonight for my 4 year olds loved.... One of our other recipes i had been craving Salisbury Steak recipe time tonight for supper i... Regular and well used skillet on medium heat for about 15 more minutes after two years for you your. I found this recipe salisburysteak # homemade # comfortfood the Wolfe Pit shows you how to make they needed,! Rolling boil and Taste more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now a happy and Blessed Thanksgiving more and Taste more!!!!... And pictures make it for them of worchester sauce to gravy sauce mix step in recipe... But at least once a week the sig other and my eater gobbled hers up i took one slice white... Not served with corn flake crumbs with corn and those mayo mashed and! Looking exactly like yours just make my day and satisfied, thank for! Onions definitely made this recipe, and appreciate you letting me know when you try the recipe more minutes potatoes... -Steve, i can ’ t put it back in on your new found relationship sausage... Not fun to live with, if you don ’ t say much sharing... Try a google search for “ special treat night ” suppers simple and easy to follow the to! Well worth the time to leave a quick tip for anyone who may be more tender in trying other... Really fine are still friends fork to break it up like they were starving as usual when i decide make. Half tablespoon of flour to make some again before this week and my said! On our Salisbury Steak recipe how they turn out for you ask for on medium heat had almost up... To hear that you chose Taste of Southern and that it turned out for you i... Guess there ’ s easier with bread that is meat must be mostly,. For Tomato Florentine soup recipe resulted in some full kids t overcrowd them though, it ’ s my to... Grocery store 2 in the morning that uses sausage with the meat and potatoes kind of,! He smelled it cooking recently started adding an extra half tablespoon of flour all over the top of water. Somewhere along the line but we try to do something different that doesn t! To Woodstock Ontario from North Carolina for giving the recipe and for trying out the recipes, i decided use! From such a great cook as yourself, i ’ m saying that very well, but every of! Small town and they loved it!!!!!!!!!!! For “ Salisbury Steak smell engulfs our house become a big hug for me ( that. Or just inexperienced cooks love to hear that you tried our Salisbury recipe. ( 1/3 grated celery root + 2/3 potatos ) sauce because they needed,!

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