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Ready to Earn an Extra $3k to $5K Each Month with Your Own Membership Site?

"Watch As Two Pros with Over 20 Years Experience Set Up and Launch a Membership Site Completely From Scratch, Using a Proven Social Traffic System Nobody's Talking About..."

For A Limited Time, Access All The Recordings, Tools and Guidance from This Intensive Coaching Program So You Can Have Your Own Recurring Income Site without  the Tech Hassles or Endless Work!

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to you, but...

According to a recent survey by Princeton Research, a whopping 63% of Americans are just one paycheck away from disaster. They don't have savings and if an unexpected emergency like a car repair or a hospital bill came up...or if they just missed work due to illness and didn't get a full paycheck, they simply wouldn't be able to take care of it. 

The cost of living has increased, but wages haven't kept up, making it difficult to get by and making most people even more reliant on that paycheck that isn't always enough. I could have been one of those people who was one paycheck away from being out on the street. 

Being One Paycheck Away from Disaster
Does Not Need to Be Your Fate

I'm going to share a simple money-making strategy that changed everything for me, and if you keep reading, you'll see how it can change for you too. 

When I first left my corporate job, my biggest fear was giving up that dependable paycheck every two weeks. My online business was exciting, but I was worried that the money would dry up or be too inconsistent. I had bills to pay and wasn’t about to risk losing my house.  

Life is not a game, as I’m sure you understand. 

The one thing that helped me sleep at night was having a group a customers who were paying monthly for access to my website. That’s called a membership site and it’s more popular than most people think. 

In fact, all the big companies are moving towards this recurring income trend. Just think of services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Adobe Create Cloud and Pandora One. You probably pay for a few such services yourself every month. 

The good news is, anyone can create their own membership site and have recurring income coming in. You don't have to be a giant retailer or software company to create recurring revenue streams.

In fact, we're living proof that...

Anyone Can Do This: 
We Barely Knew What We Were Doing When We Started Over a Decade Ago, But We Were Determined 

My name is Ron Douglas, and along with my business partner Alice Seba, we have over 20 years experience earning recurring revenue from membership sites. 

As you may know, I'm a New York Times Best Selling Author who has sold over 1.5 million books and been featured live on Fox News, Home Shopping Network, and a bunch of other places. However, well before I got my book deal, I was just a guy working on my business in the evenings after coming home from work, trying to figure out how to create a reliable income stream.  

I started having some success selling cookbooks early on and things began to take off for me, but at a few bucks profit per book, it was difficult to move toward replacing the income from my day job on an ongoing basis. That's when I realized I needed to figure out what my satisfied customers would pay for month after month.

Ron Douglas and Alice Seba

You see, it's so much easier to sell to an existing customer than to find new customers... and when those customers are on a billing plan, it simplifies everything.  

That's why, way back in 2006, I started my "Digital Cookbook of the Week Club," which made the difference in finding a reliable monthly income. Since then, I've created numerous membership sites in a variety of niches and really tested the waters to see what works and what doesn't. 

Alice is a membership site pioneer as well and in 2004, she made the bold decision to start a membership site in a market everyone told her was impossible to make good money from. But she proved them so very wrong. 

She was just 2 years into her online marketing career and saw a need for work at home moms like herself to have real solid marketing strategies they could use, instead of the fluff and hobbyist type info that was commonly out there at the time. 

Together with her business partner, they created Mom Masterminds which was the go-to membership for serious-minded work at home moms for nearly a decade. Countless success stories came out of that membership, showing that the membership site model works AND that Alice knows what it takes to guide business owners to online success. 

And, of course, that's one of the main reasons I've chosen her as my partner to help deliver this training to you.

Now let's get back to you...

What Could YOU Get Out of Having Your Own Membership Site That Earns You a Steady, Reliable Income?

We've come a long way since 2004 and 2006, but we were just like you, trying to figure out the best way to build an income we could count on. We'll help you cut your learning curve dramatically with all we've learned over the years, but just imagine what this could me to you. 

Think about it, at just $30 a month, how many members do you need to cover all your bills and relax?

Or do you just need to cover a car payment? Save up for travel? Or are you looking to completely replace that paycheck and then some? Let's take a look...

But Let's Address The Elephant in the Room:
Why Most Memberships Fail

Everyone dreams about having dependable recurring income coming in from their business each month, but let's be real. If the customer can avoid it, they don't want to pay for stuff on an ongoing basis. 

That’s why the typical membership model that everyone teaches simply does not work anymore. You’ll bust your tail to deliver content over and over only to have people drop out after 2 or 3 months. Personally I’ve created several different sites like that over the years which have fizzled out and closed down.

And it’s not fun to see all that hard work go to waste. I learned the hard way that you need two things to keep that monthly income coming:


Create something worth paying monthly for that your members actually use. Setting up a site and slamming it full on content on a topic like most people do is NOT going to help you achieve your goals of financial freedom. 


Tap into a steady source of leads to keep new members coming in. A lot of people launch a membership site with a bang, but neglect to keep the flow of incoming members going. As a result, as members drop off, they suddenly see a drop in income and their membership site dries up. 

It’s really as simple as that and it means you don't have to personally bust your tail to make the magic happen each month. That's exactly what the MemberSiteLive model is all about. 

The MemberSiteLive Model:
Making Memberships Simpler and More Profitable

In our many years helping online business owners success, we see a common problem and now that you're at a point where you're ready to step it up, there is something you need to ask yourself...

Are you overcomplicating things and keeping yourself from the success you deserve? Let us simplify your process in three powerful ways: 

1: Using Simple Technology

If the thought of battling the technology to set up your membership site has you ready to run for the hills, stop right there. We've hand-picked the simplest and most cost-effective software available for you to set up your membership site. And we'll show you how to set it up, completely step-by-step. 

Now, if you REALLY don't want to deal with the tech at all, we'll even set up your membership site for you. You just focus on delivering great content to your members and bringing them and we've got the tech covered. 

2: Using Simple, but Powerful Membership Ideas

We're not big fans of working harder than you have to, and we're thinking you aren't either. Those old outdated "pack the membership to the brim with content" membership models burn out fast. Yes, people pay for information, but they also want to feel like the monthly fee they pay helps them accomplish something. Whether it's to be informed, save time, make money or achieve their goals, membership sites that offer USEFUL tools rather than volume win the day, every day. 

We'll show you exactly how to create this type of membership that offers tremendous value to your members without working you to the bone to keep up with. 

3: Keeping Your Marketing Simple and Effective

When it comes to marketing memberships, we see people generally get trapped in a couple of different pitfalls. They either...

  • Get all excited about their membership idea, set up their site and open up shop and then...crickets. They put all their focus into the content, but completely forget the marketing piece. 


  • Put the work in to make their membership site launch a success, get a flood of new members and then ride high on the monthly residuals, completely forgetting they will need to replace those members that drop off in the natural course of membership sites. 


In both cases, they usually give up and move onto the next thing. That's just too much work! We've come up with some unique strategies using social media and content (that you don't necessarily need to create yourself) to keep a steady flow of new members to your website. 

Wouldn't you rather just maximize what you've got with just a bit of work each day, instead of starting all over every few months? Heck yeah!

So now that the next logical question is...

Are You Ready to Earn an Extra $3K - 5K or More Each Month with Your Own Membership Site? 

Watch Over Our Shoulders As We Create and Launch Brand New Membership Site from Scratch

Not only do we tell you what works with membership sites, we're willing to put our necks out on the line and actually SHOW YOU the whole process from start to finish with a live project we demonstrate from beginning to end during the training. 

You see, we hate it when we see people touting the latest and greatest way to make money online, but they have little to no experience actually making it work...and would never have the guts to show it in practice, every single step of the way. 

But that's not happening here. We're going to show you exactly how we do it. 

Watch us create and launch a brand new membership site, completely from scratch.

We also give you everything you need to come up with a winning membership site idea and get ongoing paying members.

Here’s what you’re about to get...

About the MemberSite Live Intensive Coaching Program

When you register now, you'll get instant and full access to all the recordings, enhanced transcripts, master checklists, templates and tools from each lesson. Here's what you can expect...

Recorded and Transcribed Coaching Session #1:
Niche Research and Profitable Membership Ideas

Discover how to find the most profitable niches and how to create a winning product idea that your customers will line up to pay for month after month.

We'll provide you with plenty of ideas and real-life examples that have been proven to work. 

And if you already have a business, we'll show you how what you're already doing can be turned into recurring income.

Recorded and Transcribed Coaching Session #2:
Setting Up Your Profitable Membership Site

Here's the tech session, but this is going to be painless.

We'll show the simplest and most cost-effective software (it's less than $200) to get your membership up and running quickly. A lot of people get stuck at the technology and never get their website up and running...this is NOT going to happen to you. 

And hey, if you don't even want to mess with the tech, we'll set it up for you. 

Recorded and Transcribed Coaching Session #3:
Membersite Live Marketing Method

Over the years, we've perfected our marketing techniques to start your membership site with a flood of new members and easily maintain those numbers through simple social media and content marketing techniques.

Many new membership site owners miss this important piece and their numbers fizzle out quickly. 

We'll show you exactly how to implement these strategies to keep your membership numbers steady and paying the bills. 

Recorded and Transcribed Coaching Session #4:
Member Retention, Getting Ongoing Members and Q&A

One of the secrets to a long-lasting membership site is KEEPING the members you have.

It's that simple. The higher your retention rate, the more successful your membership site will be.

We'll show you how to do that, give you more strategies for attracting new members and will offer a Q&A session, so all your questions are answered. 

And we'll demonstrate it all with a real-live membership site we're creating from scratch, making it easier for you to apply what you learn. But it's not coaching sessions, we're also providing...

The Fill in the Blanks Templates and Checklists

Never wonder what you're supposed to do next and get things done much more quickly with these proven templates and checklists. These are the same checklists and templates we use for our own business. Just add your information and you're ready to go. 

Niche Research Worksheet and Checklist

During the first coaching session, use this worksheet and checklist to keep track of your ideas and develop the best one for your membership site, avoiding the mistakes most people make when deveoping their membership site. 

Provide a Better Member Experience Planning

The easier it is to navigate your membership, the more likely your members are to stay. You'll get our membership content planner, members area checklist to make it simple. 

Sales Copy Guide, Templates, Swipes & Checklist

Take these swipe files, an indispensible copywriting made simple guide, a sales page template and sales process checklist to ensure you're ready to SELL when you launch. 

Easy Affiliate Recruitment Templates and Checklists

Affiliates are a sure key to accelerated membership site success. We've got an affiliate sign up page template, affiliate program email templates and affiliate program set up checklist to make it easy. 

List Building Simplified Checklists and Templates

Use this lead magnet template, opt-in and thank you page templates and fill-in-the-blanks preselling autoresponder series to get more leads that turn into members. 

Product Launch Success Checklists and Templates

Start your launch out right with our comprehensive membership launch checklist, fill-in-the-blanks affiliate recruitment letters and affiliate tools checklist.

Member Retention and Ongoing Marketing Checklists

Don't be a membership site marketer statistic. Be in it for the long haul with these handy checklists to keep your members longer and easily attract new members on an ongoing basis.  

As you can see, there's a lot we're going to cover and we're giving you the tools, templates and checklists to make it easy to apply what you learn. But let's take a moment to summarize everything included in this coaching program...

4-part intensive coaching recordings and transcripts

MemberSite Live social media traffic training system

Fill in the blanks templates

A $999 value

A $299 Value


A $99 Value  

Total Value: $1397

But as you will see, we’re going to give you a much better deal at just a fraction of that value when you register today.

Without a doubt, this is the program you need to launch your own successful recurring income program without all the tech hassles or endless work. Are you ready to earn a full time income from home with your own online membership site?

Let two experts with over 20 years experience help you get your membership site going in the next 30 days...and show you exactly how to do it. 

We routinely create intensive live intensive training program like these for our customers. We give them the training and tools they need to success. Here’s what some of our students are saying about our programs... 

Earned Back 17x Her Investment

Thank you so much for your training. Because of the training I purchased from you, I was able to create a new program and earn back 17 times what I spent in a pretty short time. So I was really happy with that.

You know, my expectation on any course is to get a great return on investment and I certainly did that with your program.

~ Angela Wills

Angela Wills
April Lemarr

Launched Two Products

I really enjoyed the course a lot. It was a live webinar that was about 4 hours, but I like how you split it up after and put it into topics, so that you can easily access it and I have access to it all times and pick the topics I want.

Another thing I liked about it is they gave you templates and checklists. Those came in so handy because sometimes you forget the action steps you're supposed to take and with templates, it's easier to get things done.

Since I have attended the class, I have launched two products and I just wanted to give a testimonial for Alice and Ron, and let you know their courses work.

~ April Lemarr

Made More Profit Than Expected

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what I think of Alice and Ron's training. Not only did I get my own website up with 3 of my own products and a few resale products, but I had more sales than I expected and made a nice profit.

The workshops I took from Alice and Ron are, hands down, my favorite and they help me understand the process and get my products up for sale. That's a big step. I have no doubt I wouldn't have come this far without the training.

~ Deb Augur

Deb Augur
Tracy Robers and Susanne Myers

$0 to Nearly $3000 Per Month

Over the past few months, we've taken quite a few course from Alice and Ron and learned a lot each time. They've both very successul in different niches and have totally different approaches to business. We love that we get a different perspective from each of them and, of course, they each have their own area of expertise and really  complement each other well. 

We were able to grow our Piggy Makes Bank site from $0 to almost $3000 per month in less than 4 months. This month is looking even better. 

~ Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers 

Couldn't Have Done it Without You

I've taken several course from Ron and Alice. As a result, I've been able to create products, market them and make money from them

I can tell you, without a doubt, without their instruction and help, I wouldn't have been able to do that. 

~ Sherry Frewerd

Sherry Frewerd
Trish Lindemood

Applying What She Learned with Great Results

I’ve learned – and applied – so much from what you’ve shared about running an online business over the years. For example, I found the modules in one of your training programs about standing out in your niche, recruiting affiliates and growing your customer list to be particularly helpful.

So much great information that I apply on a daily basis with great results. My business is growing – my first ever membership program is set to launch on May 1st -  I really can’t wait to see where things are a year from now! 

~ Trish Lindemood

Those are just a few words from our satisfied and successful students and we've helped thousands of others just like you.

Sign Up Now for Instant Access to All The Sessions Recordings, Enhanced Transcripts and Tools for Your Own Profitable Recurring Revenue Website  

With the nearly 10 hours of live recordings, ready-to-use templates, checklists and personalized service, we would normally charge over $2,000 for this type of program. But we're going to do much better than for you. 

Right now, you can register for the training AND have instant access to all the training, fill-in-the-blanks templates and easy-to-take-action checklists...putting you well on the way to setting yourself up for reliable monthly income. 

It's a relatively small investment when you consider the end result. Complete the training and you'll have your own recurring income website, without all the tech hassles and endless work. We're here to help you make things as simple as possible from set up to launch. 

Ready to Get Your Profitable Membership Site Up and Running?
Just Select Your Option Below and Click the 'Buy Now' Button

Option 1: MembersiteLive Coaching Program

Get full access to all the training, templates and checklists. We'll show you exactly how to set up your membership site get paying members using the Membersite Live system.

  • 4 sessions of recorded and transcribed training 
  • Recordings and notes for all training sessions 
  • Fill-in-the blanks templates 
  • Easy-to-follow checklists
Only 1 Payment of $179: 

Option 2: MembersiteLive Coaching with Payment Plan

Get full access to all the training, templates and checklists. We'll show you exactly how to set up your membership site get paying members using the Membersite Live system with a handy payment plan.

  • 4 sessions of recorded and transcribed training 
  • Recordings and notes for all training sessions 
  • Fill-in-the blanks templates 
  • Easy-to-follow checklists
2 Convenient Payments of $99
Plus, You're Backed by Our "6X in 60 Day" Guarantee.

We're so confident this system works, that if you follow the steps in our program and do not earn at least 6 times your money in 60 days, we will kindly refund your payment, guaranteed!

If you're ready to start earning an reliable monthly income, this is your chance to get a sneak peek at just how simple it can be to launch your own membership site. While membership sites can be a highly lucrative opportunity, we've seen a lot of people abandon their memberships over the years simply because they didn't have the insider's knowledge and strategy to make it happen. 

You've got an advantage over all those people, but only if you book your spot now. 

See you on the inside,

Ron Douglas

P.S. Forget the sporadic income that so many online marketers face. We'll show you exactly what you need to know to create a reliable recurring income, all without fussing with complicated technology or working yourself to the bone to make it happen. Click here to get started now

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